The Learning Link Offers:

Individualized Virtual One-on-One Tutoring

We’ll accommodate to each families’ schedule, offering tutoring sessions during the morning, afternoon or evening, both at the Center and at home!

Live Online Group Tutroing
We’ll save you time by making sure HW or Projects are completed so that more quality time can be spent at home!

Great Tutors in all Subjects!
Whatever the subject, our enthusiastic and knowledgeable Tutors will work hard to fill the gaps and adapt their teaching to meet each student’s needs.

Offering Virtual Classes that can help your child succeed in a variety disciplines

The Learning Link Tutoring Center in Kendall, Westchester, Tamiami will link the pieces that will give your child the extra edge to succeed in school!

It's important for children to use their time wisely so they don't start to struggle. The Learning Link's wonderful Tutors are here to help students with one-to-one or small group Tutoring and/or with their Homework or Project assignments.

Virtual After School Extra-Curricular Activities also available. Baking, Arts & Crafts and Music Classes.


The Learning Link accepts boys and girls from Pre-Kindergarten thru 12th Grade. There are no requirements for students enrolling in most of our Programs.


Our Administrators and Tutors know how important it is for children to be stimulated so they can build their self-confidence.

Our Tutors are experienced, highly educated and enthusiastic. They’ll work closely with each child to not onlyfill their academic gaps but also teach them how to study and how to organize their thoughts and ideas.


WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL! We’re looking forward to an exciting new School Year !

Openings are still available for our wonderful “After-School Club” so call us today since enrollment is limited! We’re also scheduling one-on-one Tutoring sessions for K-12 students in all subject areas.

Register today so that your child doesn’t start falling behind!

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The Learning Link Director:


The Learning Link Tutoring Center bases its program on meeting each child's individual needs in order for them to learn study skills, build their self-esteem and confidence and achieve success in their academic as well as their social development.

The Learning Link Tutoring Center believes that individualized after-school reinforcement gives each child the extra edge they need to succeed in school.